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Affiliate members

PTGA Affiliate members are smaller companies/operators whose values with regard to staff competency and continual professional development align with the PTGA. Affiliate Member’s staff generally come to them already qualified as PTGA Polar or Senior Polar Guides. An Affiliate Member gains our support for always having more than 85% of their staff as PTGA status guides, actively developing staff qualification portfolios and formally providing professional development opportunities. Affiliates are leaders in the small operator sector of the industry.


Secret Atlas specialises in immersive adventure exploration within the Polar regions, prioritising their Expedition Micro Cruises tailored for groups up to 12 guests, providing an unparalleled intimate experience. In addition, they offer bespoke private charters and specialised voyages including photo tours with world renowned photographers and their purpose-designed expedition ships offer comfort and a unique ability to reach locations inaccessible to larger ships. 

Established by explorers themselves, Secret Atlas is dedicated to enhancing guest experiences and further refining their environmentally conscientious low-impact tours. Their mission is centered around sharing their passion for exploration, nurtured by a team of passionate expert guides who provide a truly genuine authentic experience for like-minded explorers.