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PTGA for Assessors


Assessors need to be highly competent polar guides who have a rich history of experience and expertise they are keen to pass on to others. They must have the temperament and patience to coach, to listen and to observe.

Aspirant assessors must, except under special circumstances, hold Senior Polar Guide status and have considerable logged time working in the polar tourism industry. It is recommended that they invest time observing an established Assessor in order to understand the assessment approach and process.

If you meet the pre-requisites (below) the next step is to attend a PTGA Assessor Training course. These 16-hour courses begin the process for Provisional Assessorship and set candidates up to:

    • pre-brief the assessment and feedback processes
    • set assessment tasks and measure competencies
    • teach, coach and manage the assessment and feedback processes
    • work within the realm of Competency-Based Assessment (CBA)
    • fulfill the PTGA administrative reporting requirements

Please contact us for PTGA Assessor Training course dates or (for operators) to run your own in-house PTGA Assessor Training course.


  • More than 300 excursion days logged guiding in the polar regions. The 300 days must be logged over not less than three or more different/distinct seasons north or south.
  • Sufficient experience and skills to be able to assess a minimum of 4 PTGA Qualifications.
  • Evidence of your ability to work at or above the level of the highest PTGA Qualification you will be assessing. Evidence may be from other regions or associated industries.
  • Attestation from two peers, one of whom must be an Expedition Leader, Senior Polar Guide, or Assessor. Attestations must include comments on a candidate’s character, observation skills, and listening skills.


Assessor status and relevant PTGA Qualifications are automatically revalidated if you have:

  • Been actively assessing in the last 12 months.
  • If the company you work for has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the Company and Workplace Model (and therefore has a moderation process in place and has been visited and observed by PTGA Senior Assessors / Observers).
  • Attend a PTGA Assessors training course.

Any Assessor who has not assessed in the last three years is required to either observe another Assessor or attend an Assessors Training Course to ensure they are aware of, and using, the latest models and administrative procedures.