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How to Become An Accredited Provider

Becoming a PTGA Accredited Provider Company is easy:

  • Contact the PTGA and arrange an online meeting to discuss your needs and draft contract.
  • Agree on contracted terms in a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Pay the Corporate fee ($3000 per annum)



  • Becoming an AP is the most expedient and cost-effective means to assess and certify staff as it allows companies themselves to provide Workplace Based Assessments (WBA).
  • The PTGA’s extensive framework of Polar Qualifications covers all aspects of polar guiding, making us a one-stop-shop for all assessment and certification requirements.
  • PTGA qualifications and standards are the industry gold standard because they are performance tested and administered by an ISO accredited 3rd party, designed solely for this purpose.
  • APs have access to the PTGA’s online databases for professional development. These include the Virtual Learning Environment, Guides’ Guides, and Speaker Series archives. The PTGA maintains a Learning & Assessment Portfolio for all staff which contains all records of professional development.
  • The company’s training and assessment standards are endorsed by the PTGA.
  • The company may advertise its involvement with PTGA and an ISO Accredited standards system.
  • Annual Report from PTGA outlining all staff currencies with PTGA awards and First Aid requirements as well as suggestions for any focused development for individuals or groups.
  • Ability to have a representative at the annual Qualifications Review Meeting (QRM) to monitor amendments and development of the Qualifications Framework.
  • The company and staff have access to PTGA online resources.
  • Utilizing PTGA’s ISO accredited assessment framework as a third-party product offers a high level of risk and liability mitigation. This reduces a company’s insurance risk profile and may lead to lowered insurance premiums.