Once qualified utilizing the Log Template will make this job quick and easy.

Guide Revalidation Criteria

Polar Guides and Senior Polar Guides must revalidate every three years. Revalidation will be in the form of a Portfolio of Evidence and observation/attestation by an Assessor or Senior Polar Guide that you are working at the level consistent with your PTGA status and awards.

A Revalidation POE must show logged time in relevant areas, not less than 60 days active work in the PTI, a commitment to Continual Professional Development (CPD)*,  attestation and/or peer review of performance from a Senior Polar Guide or Assessor, and that any required 1st Aid qualifications are current. Utilising the Log Template will make the logged time part of revalidation quick and easy.

*CPD may include additional professional experience, private study, specific training, participation in lectures, seminars, online tests or development programs, refresher courses, conferences or internal company training (courses or training must include evidence of content such as agenda, learning plan or confirmation from facilitator).

The onus is on the Guide to outline the relevance of the CPD and should take into account changes in:

a) needs of individuals;

b) needs of organizations;

c) polar tourism activities techniques, technologies, equipment and practices;

d) participant relationship practice;

e) rules and legislation.