Due to high demand the PTGA Board has agreed to open a one-month Recognition of Current Competency window in 2020. Experienced guides who wish to have their prior, and current, skills and experience measured against our Polar Qualifications (PQs) and recognized by the PTGA for guide status may apply.

This second round RCC offer will run from April 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020. PTGA will not accept any applications after this date.

Applicants must be current members of the PTGA (if you are not already a member, you can join here).

There will be an administration and review fee of US$145 which must be paid prior to submission and a with a receipt attached.

Interested guides must review and understand all online content and to seek advice from previous RCC applicants or PTGA Administration to ensure their portfolios are as comprehensive and correct as they can be. Speaking directly to a PTGA Assessor is strongly advised in order to fulfil the application requirements.

Applicants MUST read and understand the Recognition of Current Competency Guidelines document. If English is not your first langauge please contact us for help and direction of someone who can assist in your language.

All application documents are in a zipped file. If you are not able to receive/open zipped files please contact us.

The Portfolio of Evidence template must be used as the key information document. Applicants are strongly advised to watch the video introduction below to RCC applications.

Portfolio of Evidence

We need as much PROOF as you can provide to support your application to gain our Polar Qualifications (PQs). The clearer and more comprehensive this portfolio is the quicker and easier the review is and our ability to support and endorse you increases.

This portfolio will/can include:

  • Current 1st Aid Certificate* (note that some PQs require Advanced 1st Aid/Emergency Care certification – read the Recognition of Current Competency Guidelines)
  • Receipt of fee payment
  • RCC Portfolio template *
  • Written explanation for EACH PQ applied for explaining why you are competent in that skill set (see Recognition of Current Competency Guidelines and the 2 example templates in the RCC file) *
  • Two attestations/references (see template in the RCC file) from senior industry people (SPGuide, EL, AEL etc). These will identify the PQs you are applying for and acknowledge that you are competent in them (in their opinion).*
  • Your most recent CV*
  • Relevant external certifications*
  • Any personal experience logs, log book scans/seaman’s book scans.

*mandatory requirements

We collect this information so that we can support you as a professional guide.

If a review requires amendments, corrections, attestations or further information the applicant has 3 months from the first review date to supply the required material. If it is not supplied the application will be cancelled with no recourse to fee refunds.

The Review Panel will review your application and advise what PQs you have gained or what further steps are required. You will receive a copy of the review and all decisions made.