The PTGA will offer an initial Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) program for guides who have been in the industry for a considerable time and are working above the level of the PTQs. The RCC program will run until Oct 31 2018.

Please read this first and watch the video’s at the bottom of the page.

Portfolio of Evidence

We need as much PROOF as you can provide to support your application to gain our Polar Tourism Qualifications (PTQs). The clearer and more comprehensive this portfolio is the quicker and easier the review is and our ability to support and endorse you increases.

This portfolio can/will include:

  • Your most recent CV
  • Relevant external certifications
  • Log book scans/Seaman’s book scans. The PTGA Log Template (click on the button) makes this process very easy and sets you up for easy ravalidation.
  • RCC Portfolio template (the button to the right of this). In the template we need you to name the PTQs you are applying for *
  • Written explanation for EACH PTQ applied for explaining why you are competent in that skill set *
  • Two attestations/references from senior industry people (SPTGuide, EL, AEL etc). These will identify the PTQs you are applying for and acknowledge that you are competent in these *

*mandatory requirements

How much experience do you have? Add up contracted days for any given year/season and enter them into the template (Arctic and Antarctic). If you don’t have any logs or contracts from the dim distant past make your best estimation. Be honest.

The Checklists in the buttons (on the right) are just a reference for you to check that you are working to our levels. Feel free to use them but they aren’t mandatory for your application.

In the written section of the Portfolio template next to each of the PTQs or Endorsements we need you to outline which parts of your portfolio and/or any other qualifications or experience provides a clear picture of why you are competent at this skill. We need a narrative of anything else you might have done that might support your application (you may have lead a number of hikes outside of the polar world and while these aren’t as specific they still tell us something about your experience, skills and ability to lead. If you have been a school teacher you have done plenty of presentations so let us know). Supply anything that helps show PROOF OF COMPETENCE. If you would like to see a draft application please drop us a line.

We collect this information and require this clarity so that we can support you should you ever need it as a professional guide or if anyone questions the robustness of our procedure.

There is a $50 administration fee involved with RCC applications (the one fee will cover a combined RCC and Cross-Credit application). Applications should be submitted with ‘RCC/X-Credit Review’ as the subject line. In the first body of text your name and confirmation of payment.  Send to

The Review Panel will review your application and advise what PTQs you have gained or what further steps are required.