• Company’s training and assessment infrastructure moderated by a PTGA representative bi-annually as part of the MOU.
  • Company’s training and assessment standards are endorsed by the PTGA as part of the MOU.
  • Company is able to use and promote their PTGA membership (as long as x% staff are members).
  • Company/staff has access to PTGA online resources.
  • PTGA provides company with ongoing support and training / assessment program consultation.
  • Record of proof of tested minimum competency of registered members to any external agency as required.
  • An externally moderated qualification system based on industry best practise.
  • Negotiable rate for staff membership fees if over a certain number.


  • Documentation and record of PTQs completed.
  • Access to PTGA online training resources.
  • Access to PTGA shared industry resources.
  • Proof, and record of proof, of minimum competency to any external agency or employer.
  • Electronic insignia for PTGuide, SPTGuide or Assessor to attach to any email, correspondence or social media.
  • Equivalency with international qualifications and like-frameworks.
  • Membership of an acknowledged Professional Association and working to the Code of Conduct it espouses.


$100 USD P/A and you will receive an annual notice to renew on your joining date.


  • Certification to deliver PTGA assessments and issue PTQs.
  • Access to training and teaching resources in an ‘assessor only’ area of the website.
  • Access to Assessor Only information sharing and moderation discussions.
  • Invitation to participate in Assessor conference.


$250 USD P/A

Note: This requires membership of the PTGA. Please ensure you are logged in before paying for your Cross Credit Application

There is a $50 administration fee for us to review and process your Cross Credit applications. Read all the material, fill in application forms, get your attestations and send it, or any questions to: info@polartourismguides.com


$50 USD per application

If you need to pay a General Admin fee to the PTGA, you can do so using the PAY button.


$50 USD