Joining the PTGA is as simple as going on line, filling out the membership form, creating a Polar Pro-File and paying the membership fees. Subscriptions are for one year.

Benefits for using the PTGA Framework, Individual Membership, Corporate Membership or Assessor status include:

  • Record of proof of minimum competency for all member guides to any employer, insurance institute, coronial inquiry or other external agency.
  • An externally moderated qualification system based on industry best practice and audited for ISO:21102 compliance.
  • Aspirational goals and standards for guides to work towards.
  • Guides are able to use all the benefits available on the PTGA website and create their own Pro-File with PQs gained.
  • Proof to employers, customers and governing bodies that guides have been assessed against an external industry standard assessed compliant with ISO:21102.
  • A higher level of performance and safety.
  • Belong to an acknowledged Professional Industry Association and work to the Code of Conduct it espouses.


A Polar Pro is an active polar guide in some field of polar work and a financial member of our Professional Industry Association who is committed to professionalism in guiding and PTGA standards of performance.

You must be a Polar Pro to apply for an Assessment or Cross-Crediting.

An individual can gain PQs by presenting themselves to any assessment run by a PTGA assessor. These could be at the individual’s workplace, or at an externally run assessment.

An Accredited provider Company can run its own PTGA (ISO compliant) assessments using their own In-House Assessors (these would be staff who are already Senior Polar Guides who have completed the PTGA Assessor Training program). The Company pays an annual corporate fee to the PTGA and signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the PTGA for performance, compliance and moderation. Individual staff annual fees and administrative fees are either covered by the Company or by the individuals themselves depending on how the Company chooses to build their structure. The Company decides how much to compensate its different guide status levels and assessors. The PQs don’t cost anything to the Company except time. There is a bi-annual moderation process run by the PTGA as part of the MOU. This keeps the Accredited Provider status and ensures assessments are being run according to PTGA and ISO compliance.

Corporate Membership gives Companies, and individuals working for those companies, the most economic way to deal with Polar Qualification assessments.

PTGA Assessors will have attended a PTGA Assessor Training course (email us or keep an eye on Brash Talk for notifications of Assessor Training courses). Being a PTGA Assessor provides excellent opportunities in the PTI for a range of new and exciting roles within companies – you will be a sought after commodity.

All fees and services quoted are USD. To gain, hold or identify with any PTGA status and qualifications you must be a current financial member of the Association via your Company or your individual fee. Subscription is for one year.



  • Contemporary performance tested qualifications and assessment to measure guides against a Professional Industry Association level that is ISO:21102 compliant.
  • PTGA Membership Pro-File and external record of Awards and Guide Status gained.
  • Extensive collection of links to Useful Resources a professional guide needs.
  • Growing list of Pro Deals with our partner providers.
  • Some Companies paying extra for PTGA Guide levels.
  • External record and proof of minimum competency to any external agency or employer.
  • PTGA qualifications accepted as bonafide certificates by 13 companies
  • Certification and Status badges to acknowledge proof of assessed competence.
  • Access to PTGA online training resources.
  • PTGA Newsletter – ‘Brash Talk’.
  • Ability to provide input to the annual Qualification Review process.
  • Ability to attend Assessor Training courses (if prerequisites are met).
  • Membership of an acknowledged international Professional Industry Association and working to the Code of Conduct it espouses.
  • Ability to interact with peer guides from all walks of polar guiding.