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There are a number of ways a guide can be assessed for PTGA qualifications:


1. Workplace-Based Assessment with an Accredited Provider

Being assessed ‘on the job’ with a company accredited to use our Workplace-Based Assessment scheme is the easiest and most cost effictive option available in the polar and expedition cruise industry.  Once a company becomes an Accredited Provider and has staff trained as PTGA Assessors the PTGA assessment process can run seamlessly with standard operations at very little cost. See our Accredited Providers.


2. Training and Assessment Providers (TAPs)

If you are not employed by an Accredited Provider then you may wish to approach a PTGA-endorsed Training and Assessment Provider (TAP). These are partners who are vetted to offer training and skill development programs that utilize the PTGA syllabi. Most TAPs have their own qualified assessors who are able to provide formal assessment of PTGA qualifications.

See our PTGA-endorsed Training & Assessment Providers.
Please contact us for further information or to be connected with our TAPs.


3. Independent Contractor Assessments

If you have specific requirements and wish to tailor your training and assessment to your own needs you may wish to contract a qualified PTGA Assessor directly from the PTGA. Independent Assessors are able to provide training and/or assessment for individuals, private groups, companies or aboard individual vessels.

View a list of PTGA Assessors.
Please contact us for costs and availability.


4. Online Assessments

Some qualifications can be be assessed via a video call or online meeting platforms such as Zoom. These assessments will either be in real time or be based on a previously recorded performance.  Qualifications that can be assessed by video call are currently:

  • Presentation Skills (via pre-recorded and submitted video of a formal presentation)
  • Navigation Skills (in real-time)
  • Communications for Polar Operations (in real-time)
  • Crevasse Awareness (in real-time)

Contact us for further information and to put you in contact with an online assessor.