Member Benefits


Becoming a member of the PTGA offers a number of advantages that are currently unique in the polar industry. Benefits for any membership level include:


  • QUALIFICATIONS. PTGA qualifications are accepted as bonafide certificates by a significant number of expedition and polar cruise companies, with some companies paying higher rates for PTGA Certified Guides.
  • PROOF OF COMPETENCY. An external record of proof of minimum competency for all member guides, and proof that competency has been assessed against a Professional Industry Association level that complies to international standards for adventure tourism leaders and guides (ISO:21102). This record may be of use to the guide to provide evidence of competency and experience to any employer, customer, insurance institute, governing body, coronial inquiry or other external agency
  • GUIDES FOR GUIDES. Members have access to a range of useful guides that are specific to polar guiding.
  • NEWSLETTER. Access to the PTGA newsletter Brash Talk
  • UPDATES. Access to Members-only updates about the latest information, deals and opportunities.
  • DEALS. Clothing and equipment for guides at a significant discount. PTGA members have access to an extensive number of members’ only pro deals that are provided by PTGA’s partner providers.
  • LECTURES. Exclusive access to view the highly-acclaimed PTGA Inside Speaker series which features expertise from leaders in polar guiding.
  • ONLINE TRAINING. Access to the PTGA Virtual Learning Environment – our online training resources designed to expand your knowledge about topics important to guiding.
  • RESOURCES. Access to an extensive collection of resources, including guiding- and education-specific resources, plus apps and links that are relevant to the professional polar guide.
  • PROFILE. Your own PTGA Membership Pro-File where you can edit your membership and payment details.
  • PTGA BADGE. A digital badge that shows your Certification and Guide Status, which may be used on personal websites, resumes, and email signatures.
  • ASSESSOR TRAINING. The opportunity to attend Assessor Training courses (provided that prerequisites are met).
  • QUALIFICATION REVIEW. The opportunity to provide input to the annual PTGA Qualification Review process.
  • PROFESSIONALISM. Membership of the only international Professional Industry Association for polar guides.
  • COMMUNITY. As a member of PTGA, you are part of a community of polar guiding professionals whose collective aims are safety, sustainability and professionalism.

Join PTGA now to gain access to these benefits!