Membership Types

There are three Membership options within the PTGA with a range of benefits.


  • Contemporary performance tested qualifications and assessment to measure guides against a Professional Industry Association level that is ISO:21102 compliant.
  • PTGA Membership Pro-File and external record of Awards and Guide Status gained.
  • Extensive collection of links to Useful Resources a professional guide needs.
  • Growing list of Pro Deals with our partner providers.
  • Some Companies paying extra for PTGA Guide levels.
  • External record and proof of minimum competency to any external agency or employer.
  • PTGA qualifications accepted as bonafide certificates by 13 companies
  • Certification and Status badges to acknowledge proof of assessed competence.
  • Access to PTGA online training resources.
  • PTGA Newsletter – ‘Brash Talk’.
  • Ability to provide input to the annual Qualification Review process.
  • Ability to attend Assessor Training courses (if prerequisites are met).
  • Membership of an acknowledged international Professional Industry Association and working to the Code of Conduct it espouses.
  • Ability to interact with peer guides from all walks of polar guiding.


$100 USD P/A


  • Assessor training and development course certification.
  • Ability to assess against PTGA qualifications and issue PQs.
  • Ability to attend Assessor Online Training Forums.
  • Access to training and teaching resources in an ‘assessor only’ area of the website.
  • Participation in Assessor Only information sharing and moderation discussions.


$250 USD P/A (currently 15/4/20 due to Covid-19 and no work fees are $100 until notified)


  • Contemporary performance tested qualifications framework and testing to measure guides against a Professional Industry Association standard.
  • Company’s training and assessment infrastructure moderated to ensure PTGA and ISO:21102 compliance.
  • Company’s training and assessment standards are endorsed by the PTGA.
  • Company is able to use and promote their PTGA membership and international compliance with our ISO rating.
  • Stored and administered records of proof of tested minimum competency of registered staff to any external agency as required.
  • Guide Certification and Status badges to show proof of tested competence.
  • Company and staff have access to PTGA online resources.
  • PTGA provides company with ongoing support and training / assessment program consultation.
  • Ability to have a representative at the annual Qualifications Review Meeting (QRM) to monitor amendments and development of the Qualifications Framework.
  • Cheaper liability insurance through proof of staff competence as measured by an ISO:21102 compliant external testing body.