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Policies, By-Laws & Conduct

Policies, By-Laws & Conduct

View our Code of Conduct.

Any PTGA member who has a concern as to a breach of rules or professional misconduct by another member that they believe should be investigated, should put their concerns in writing and send to the PTGA Disputes Sub-Committee. This needs to be a formal complaint detailing what the concern is, why it is a breach of the rules and/or professional misconduct and why it should be the subject of an investigation under the rules of the Association.


The Disputes Sub-Committee shall consist of one male and one female member of the Board of Directors. If it is decided an investigation is needed, the Disputes Sub-Committee will carry out an investigation and report to the Board. The investigation will be carried out in the context that: The Board shall be primarily concerned with preventing a recurrence of undesirable incidents rather than with punishment.


For PTGA run assessments: If you withdraw before any assessment begins you will receive a full refund of your fee or you may transfer it to another time. If the PTGA cancels an assessment, you will receive a full refund of your fee or you may transfer it to another time.


All assessment candidates have the right to appeal or file a grievance to the PTGA Board. Candidates may request a formal appeal of an assessment decision by contacting the PTGA. The candidate must appeal to the PTGA Technical sub-committee. They must note: the PTGA Qualification (PQ) in question, the date, the decision and why it should be changed. A $40 admin fee must be paid upon application which will be refunded if the original result is changed. The Technical sub-committee’s role is to collect information from the candidate, Assessor, anyone else involved in the assessment and review the situation relative to the performance criteria and competency required and confirm or change the decision.


The PTGA considers all incidents and near-misses as useful information. If you have been directly, or indirectly involved with a polar tourism field incident or near miss – we’d like to know. This data base will be valuable for the future of safety management in polar tourism. Please fill in this anonymous Incident and Near-Miss Form and send it to us.