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PTGA Assessors




Senior Assessors

Ben Jackson
Graham Charles


Sophie Ballagh
Pablo Brandeman
Ewan Blyth
Nico Danyau
Marieke Egan
Heidi Krajewsky
Karin Lundstrom
Sarah Merusi
Robyn Mundy
Liz Pope
Nate Small
Pernille Soeegaard
Jamie Watts
Kit van Wagner

Provisional Assessors

Stephen Anstee
Seb Coultard
Mariela Cornejo
Mette Eliseusen
Gary Miller
Roger Kirkwood
Graeme Snow
Tarn Pilkington
Toby Story
Dan Stavert
Howard Whelan
Phil Wickens

Assessment Advisors

Jo Parsons
Dave Ritchie


A PTGA Training and Assessment Provider (TAP) is a non polar, non work-place individual, institute or company that has been approved by the PTGA as having systems and structure in place to offer quality training using PTGA standards that is endorsed by the PTGA. In addition, a TAP may offer assessment against applicable PTGA qualifications if the TAP has legitimate locations, resources and PTGA qualified Assessor/s on staff and they have been systems audited by the PTGA.

To become a TAP an individual, institute or company must apply to the PTGA with:

  • Portfolio of evidence of all staff teaching competencies and any teaching credentials/qualifications to accompany this.
  • Outline of which PQs they have the skills and capacity to train people in.
  • A signed Memorandum of Understanding incorporating PTGA Code of Conduct requirements, safety reporting and a moderation plan.


Expedition Guide Academy

The Expedition Guide Academy delivers training, education and development for the expedition cruise industry. Offering courses to suit both operators and individuals, the EGA’s courses cover a wide range of skills and knowledge relevant to professional expedition guiding.