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PTGA for Assessors


A PTGA Assessor is someone who has been vetted not only for their skills and field experience but also for their character and ability to listen and observe without judgement.

The PTGA assessment process adheres to defined standards and methodology, ensuring consistency between different assessors and different operators.

Provisional Assessors are trained in the delivery, methodology, and administrative requirements required by the PTGA. All PTGA Assessors have an individual register of qualifications that they can assess against.

There are 4 levels of PTGA Assessor:

  1. Provisional Assessors are Polar Guides who have attended a PTGA Assessor Training course and have a number of additional developmental requirements to achieve over a period of time. Provisional Assessors are allowed to assess candidates within their licensed scope.
  2. Assessors have completed all Provisional Requirements required by the PTGA and are able to assess candidates within their licensed scope.
  3. Senior Assessors are able to offer assessments anywhere and are able to run Assessor Training Courses.
  4. Assessment Advisors are specialist experts who are not necessarily Guides or Assessors. They may work with PTGA Assessors or candidates and will have expertise in some part of the assessment process.