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The PTGA is able to support training and assessment programs for operators. Our framework and workplace-based assessment model is a cost-effective approach for managing the training and assessment of your staff. As experts in polar qualification and assessment across the industry, our framework is an efficient and easy-to-implement way to establish your own bespoke training and assessment program.


Member companies are known as Accredited Providers. Being an Accredited Provider allows them to conduct workplace-based assessments (WBA) and certification for staff using the PTGA Qualification Framework. Assessment can occur while operations are underway. It is the most cost-effective competency testing available in the entire industry.

To become an Accredited Provider, the operator signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the PTGA which details the relationship and confirms that the operator will adhere to PTGA processes. The PTGA recognizes that each company has its own needs. The path for becoming an Accredited Provider can be customized and the PTGA provides ongoing support and program consultation.

Accredited Provider Companies then employ their own PTGA certified Assessors who are responsible for assessing and certifying staff according to the PTGA framework. The assessors are typically existing staff who have earned PTGA Senior Guide status and have undertaken a PTGA Assessor Training course.

Please contact us if you wish to become a PTGA Accredited Provider.


  • The ability to use workplace-based assessment during tourism operations.
  • Use of the existing PTGA framework for training and assessment of your staff, reducing the cost of creating in-house programming
  • PTGA qualifications cover skills that are specific and relevant to safe polar operations, and which may not be covered by other more general qualifications.
  • As an external professional international body, PTGA accreditation ensures impartiality, consistency and alignment with industry best-practices. This may be difficult to achieve with in-house accreditation schemes and the associated reduction of risk may lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.
  • The PTGA qualifications satisfy or exceed all the field staff standards suggested by AECO and IAATO.
  • The PTGA revalidation programme ensures that your staff maintain and continually develop their skills.
  • The PTGA shoulders much of the housekeeping burden for Operations Managers. We maintain a Company Register, which includes portfolios for all staff. The Accredited Provider and its Assessors can access the records for its own staff at any time. This information may help an operator to focus development and training opportunities, as well as assist in assembling well-rounded expedition teams.
  • Our compliance with ISO 21102 means that we meet international standards for competency of adventure tourism leaders and guides. It also ensures that we have systems and checks in place to regularly review and update our own systems in order to remain current.
  • Accredited Provider companies are encouraged to contribute to the development of our standards. They are invited to join the PTGA’s annual Qualifications Review Meeting to review all PTGA qualifications (PQs) for accuracy and relevancy.
  • Companies may advertise that they are a PTGA Accredited Provider and that its staff are qualified to international ISO-compliant standards via PTGA qualifications.
  • Being listed as an Accredited Provider on the PTGA website adds another check and balance for discerning clients who may be concerned with guide qualification legitimacy.
  • Membership also directly benefits guides and staff since it eliminates the time and costs associated with gaining external qualifications.


Accredited Providers pay a yearly corporate membership fee for the support we provide and use of the PTGA’s ISO-accredited framework and systems.

APs should expect to pay their in-house assessors a premium rate for assessing fellow staff in addition to normal guiding duties.

Guides must become PTGA members before being able to be assessed and certified. The AP company can choose to cover individual membership fees as an employee benefit, or ask their staff to become members.


Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Accredited Provider.