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You can download a PDF of this syllabus individually, or you can download all syllabus in one file, on our Forms & Templates page here.


Lead a Dog Sled Journey is for guides who may be in charge of leading dog sled journeys of more than 2  hours in terrain that may include, sea ice, established roads, and trails, mountains and passes. It may include areas where known and manageable crevasses are present. It is a minimum requirement for longer journeys outside a town or village.


  • Logged experience >10 dog sledding trips.
  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • PQ – Communications for Polar Operations.
  • PQ – Navigation Skills for Polar Operations.
  • PQ – Interpretation Skills for Polar Guides.


Some Elements from PQ Lead a Hike in Non-Technical Terrain may be cross credited if a guide has that award and has been assessed. See Cross Credit Matrix for Elements common to the two awards.