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You can download a PDF of this syllabus individually, or you can download all syllabus in one file, on our Forms & Templates page here.


Lead a Hike in Non-Technical Terrain is for field staff/guides who are in charge of leading polar hikes in terrain that may include, dry glacial areas, outwash plains, beach and subtidal zones, mountains and passes. Such hikes shall not require the use of a rope or other alpine equipment in order to safely manage them. Hikes may include snow or ice travel but only where a fall will not result in an uncontrollable slide. It may include areas where known and manageable crevasses are present. The PTGA believes this is the minimum requirement for longer hikes outside a landing zone or field camp area.


  • Prerequisites: • Logged >20 group hikes as a formal leader (preferred at least 5 have been in the polar environment).
  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • PQ – Navigation Skills for Polar Operations.
  • PQ – Communications for Polar Operations.
  • PQ – Crevasse Awareness and Management.
  • PQ – Interpretation Skills.


Any internationally recognized qualifications that include these components to the level of the Scope or higher. See Cross Credit Matrices.