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You can download a PDF of this syllabus individually, or you can download all syllabus in one file, on our Forms & Templates page here.


Operations in Polar Bear Environments (OPBE) is for all guides, field staff, scientists or personnel who guide people or work in Polar Bear Environments individually or with groups of peers or clients. It is an awareness, behaviour and safety performance competency that all people in meaningful employment in polar bear environments should have. *This syllabus meets or exceeds the IAATO/AECO recommended guide standard ‘Polar Bear Safety’


  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • Firearms license or an approved company/organization firearm training program
    that MUST include a statement of competency and performance with the relevant
    firearm, OR approved course in polar bear non-lethal deterrent options.
  • PQ – Communications for Polar Operations.


Existing licenses or qualification/s, OR logged experience and endorsement that all criteria and elements are met.


i Firearm training may include: UNIS Safety Course, approved company firearms training programs.

ii Guides and field staff include personnel from large polar tourism vessels, commercial and private yacht operations.

iii This award is useful and valid for private individuals such as yachties and hikers.