Frequently Asked Questions


PTGA Members can login to view/edit their Pro Files here. If you have forgotten your membership Pro File password, you can go to this link to reset it.
You can reset your membership password, to access your Pro File using this link. Alternatively, if you are trying to reset your password for the website (to access Gear & Deals for example), you can use this link.
Clicking on any secure page (like Gear & Deals) will take you to the login page where you will see a Lost your Password link, click on this link and follow the onscreen instructions. Click here to reset your password to access your Member Pro File instead.
Login to your your Pro Files here, scrolling down and clicking on "Edit Membership Info".
Login to your your Pro Files here, scrolling down and clicking on "Edit Membership Info".
Please contact us so that we can assist with altering your membership type.
Yes, you can view all public membership types here. Simply choose the membership type you want to join - you will be prompted to login with your Pro File email and password, and then your second membership type will be added to your Pro File.
Yes, you will receive a reminder about your membership renewal 30 days in advance.
You can login to your Pro Files here to view your expiry date. You will receive a reminder about your upcoming renewal 30 days in advance.
First login to your Pro Files here, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Edit Payment Details".
Login to your Pro Files here and scroll down to "Edit Payment Details" to update your credit card. Once done, still on your Pro File page you'll see "Renew Membership" just next to your Expiry date. Click on this to manually renew.
Yes, but you do not need to. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year. You will receive a reminder 30 days in advance. If you had troubles with your credit card though, you can renew your membership manually by logging into your Pro Files here and scroll down to "Edit Payment Details" to update your credit card. Once done, still on your Pro File page you'll see "Renew Membership" just next to your Expiry date. Click on this to manually renew.
Please contact us with any queries prior to cancelling, so that we can help. If you still need to cancel, you can do so by logging into your Pro Files here, scrolling down and clicking on "Cancel Membership".
Pages on the website that require you to login will display the login page when you click on them. For example, when you go to Gear & Deals, you will see the login page so that you can login to access this secure area. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access other secure pages without needing to login again during that session.


Yes, you can still be a member and seek assessments via freelance assessments or PTGA specific assessments posted online.


There are a number of ways you can get training to the PTQ syllabus: 1. If the Company you work for, or going to work for, has a training program you can ask them to focus on it. 2. If that Company has a PTGA Assessor you can seek training through them as their internal training program probably uses the PTQs as standards. 3. You can seek out any freelance trainers who advertise programs through the PTGA website.
As long as you are a financial member of the PTGA and continue the 3 yearly revalidation process they can. If either of these things expire you cannot claim your PTQs as valid to any employer.
The online modules are short learning courses we have designed around different interest topics in polar tourism. They are not compulsory but if you are serious about having more to offer your clients then these modules target topics you may have a weakness in. By collecting more (you have to pass a test) you can add them to your Pro-File and it is proof to any current or future employer you have done a range of extra study and made yourself more valuable.
You can present your qualifications or awards from anywhere else. First read through the Cross credit matrix and see if your qualification is in there and if there are any ‘extra’ things to be done to ensure equivalency. If your award is not in there contact the PTGA Admin and you will need to send a copy of the syllabus and course contact so we can check its equivalency and put it on the Matrix.
Your PTQs will sit until your revalidation period comes up and if you don’t renew your membership and revalidation you will be removed from the system. If you decide after further time you want back in you will have to re-do your PTQs. Best to stay current – it is part of being professional and in our Code of Conduct to keep developing professionally.
If you are working for a Company talk to your manager and discuss pathways to achieve the PTQ standards via the Company training system. if not with a Company or Organization drop us a line and we can recommend organizations or individuals who do this training and/or we can link you to group of others who would like training also.
Please download your PTGA log template to keep a record of your experience. The more detailed and current you keep this the easier and quicker the re-validation process will be.
We have chosen to use with a Workplace Based Assessment scheme. We believe the best, and most natural, way to test a guides competence is to see them doing their 'normal' work. Of course there are some PTQs (Radio and Comms, Navigation, Presentation, Interpretation) that could easily be assessed somewhere other than a vessel or field camp in the polar regions and this will happen. Our more complex, nuanced and potentially hazardous PTQs like Lead a Hike and Drive a Small Boat/Zodiac can't be tested using scenarios and role playing elsewhere. This is why we aren't just adopting a boating qualification from another provider because we want to see you doing your job, in the ice, in the wind with the time pressures and an irate EL on your case - this is the real job of a polar professional and there is no where else in the world that can simulate this. Because of the integrity of our scheme and the real life Workplace Based assessment we provide with a much more valuable and recognized qualification.


In some cases yes but they don't have to. For instance someone might have an external mountaineering qualification that is a higher level of competence than anything PTGA requires or offers. Regardless of the skill area any PTGA assessors are Senior Polar Tourism Guides who have been through the PTGA Assessor Training Program and know how to examine candidates using the processes we have agreed on. They know how to file paperwork, deal with the administration and respond to a grievance. With regards to Zodiac driving there are a LOT of external qualifications from all over the world but none of them involve all the specific knowledge and skills required for polar operations so there is no higher body for zodiac and small boat qualifications specific to polar operations.


The RCC scheme is an initial polar offering (IPO) to acknowledge people who have already been in the industry for a long time. They bring an enormous amount of experience, judgement and skills to play and we would like them to be part of this Association and to be able to access that knowledge so we see value in a period of time that people can be vetted by peer endorsement, attestation and paper review. But the real value in the PTGA testing system is engaged performance testing with a fellow industry professional. The RCC process doesn't do this so we want to get down to our core business and actually engage with people and their skills. For that reason we encourage long term industry professionals to get in while this recognition of their extensive time in the field exists. On Oct 30 it ends and testing will be required.