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You can download a PDF of this syllabus individually, or you can download all syllabus in one file, on our Forms & Templates page here.


Current First Aid Certificate


A guide who holds the PTGA FSPBE award must shoot and log a minimum of 30 rounds of ammunition per annum using a firearm suitable for polar bear protection. This log to be submitted annually for inclusion in a guide ProFile. A guide who does not meet this is not considered valid but may revalidate using this means anytime within a 2 year period. Furthermore anyone holding this award must be assessed competent in sub-element 4.3 every 4 years.


Firearm Skills for Polar Bear Environments is a training syllabus relevant for any guides, field staff, scientists or personnel who guide people or work in polar bear environments individually or with groups of peers or clients who are required to carry and know how to use a firearm to potentially kill a polar bear.

Gaining this award on its own does not qualify someone to be operative in polar bear environments as a guide or bear guard/monitor. This award is designed optimally as an important partner award with Operations in Polar Bear Environments. Ideally the two should always be considered together.

Anyone representing this award must fully understand the significant responsibility of handling a firearm, including the potential consequences of carrying out the act of killing a polar bear.


i. Guides and Field Staff include: personnel from large polar tourism vessels or commercial and private yacht operations.
ii. This award is useful and valid for private individuals such as yachties and hikers.
iii. Flare pistols are a commonly used non-lethal deterrent. They are neither mandatory nor part of every polar bear nation’s requirements. Elements of this award may be used to teach competency with flare pistols and it is up to individuals to train sensibly and log training to add to any reference of competency.
iv. The Elements may be taught/presented in any order.