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You can download a PDF of this syllabus individually, or you can download all syllabus in one file, on our Forms & Templates page here.


Lead a Journey in Technical Terrain is for field staff/guides who are in charge of leading single and multi-day journeys on foot, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding or skidooing in terrain that may include; snow free glaciers, outwash plains, beach and sub tidal zones, mountains and passes or on sea-ice. Knowledge of polar camping, weather forecasting, utilizing alpine equipment for safety and simple rope assistance and confidence techniques, and making route choices in potentially hazardous terrain are essential. Journeys may involve snow or ice travel with snow shoes or crampons and ice axes. This PQ does not include roped glacier/crevasse travel and is a minimum requirement for longer or multi-day journeys in unknown terrain or untraveled routes.


i A pre-requisite day is defined as greater than 5 hours in length

ii The advanced first aid requirement for this PQ is any wilderness emergency care that is minimum 40 hour program.

iii While snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, dog-sledding and skidoo travel are included generically in this scope (2018) further activity specific PQs will be developed in future.


  • >30 days leading to the level of the Scope.
  • > 80 personal days operating in Scope terrain.
  • Current Wilderness First Responder award or equivalent.
  • PQ Communications for Polar Operations.
  • PQ Interpretation Skills for Polar Guides.
  • PQ Snow & Ice Crack Awareness.
  • PQ Navigation Skills for Polar Operations.
  • If working Arctic locations – PQ Operations in Polar Bear Environments.


Any internationally recognized qualifications that include these components to the level of the Scope or higher. See Cross Credit Matrices.