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Sea Kayak Guide Endorsement is a polar-specific endorsement for an already experienced and/or qualified sea kayak guide. The guide will already be proficient and competent with their personal kayak skills and/or have competent guiding skills ratified by a sea kayak guiding qualification or a POE supporting these skills.


  • Emergency Care Qualification (>40 hour course).
  • A recognised Sea Kayak Guide Certificate and/or POE supporting competence to
    this level.
  • >100 days guiding (polar or non-polar) including high impact coastline and open seas.
  • >20 excursions logged in polar environments.
  • PQ – Communications for Polar Operations.
  • PQ – Navigation Skills for Pola Operations.
  • PQ – Interpretation Skills for Polar Guides.
  • PQ – Driving Small Boats/Zodiacs (with Polar Endorsement) and PQ Advanced
  • Driving Endorsements – Support a Sea Kayak Operation is preferable, but not


If a formal guiding certificate covers prerequisites candidates may be cross credited into the award.